Our History

Since 1976, Mijin System has been contributing to the electric, electronic, and semiconductor assembly business. We've been recognized by a global network of distributors from Asia, U.S.A, and Europe for the excellent performance of our labor-saving products. 


With factories in Japan and Korea our goal is to provide the best product and service in the shortest period possible. Mijin System Inc. USA was created to better service our clients and distributors in South and North America.


Our equipment meets ISO 14001 environmental standards, and offers a cost-effective solution that alleviates the strain of using heavy tools through its suspension function. These balancers improves worker efficiency and safety and prevents damage to the tools.





2014    Feb.    Establishment of Mijin System Inc. in the United States

2014    Dec.    Restart as Mjin System Co., Ltd. according to dissolution of Joint Venture Company, Nitto Kohki – Mijin





2005    Mar.    Extension of plant (assembly plant and the 2nd processing plant)

2004    Dec.    Separation of Mijin SOLTECH, the specialized company in supplying soldering tools of HAKKO (Japan) from Mijin System

2001    Dec.    Establishment of Nitto Kohki-Mijin Co., Ltd., the joint-venture company with Nitto Kohki Co. Ltd, (Japan). Beginning of the manufacture of industrial pneumatic tools in earnest

2001    Dec.    Change of the corporation name to Mijin System Co., Ltd.





1999    Apr.    Acquisition of CE & KT Mark

1998    Oct.    Acquisition of ISO9001

1998    Jun.    Establishment of an affiliated research institute

1997    Sep.    Designation as a capital goods industry by The Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy

1997    Apr.    Beginning of the manufacture of pneumatic tools (a series of grinders)

1996    Nov.    Construction and relocation of the plant in Yongin

1995    Sep.    Designation as a promising small and medium company

1993    Mar.    Establishment of Mijin FA System

Beginning of the manufacture through an factory automation system according to technical collaboration with Panasonic (Japan)





1986    Jun.    Beginning of Korean Domestic sale of soldering tools of HAKKO (Japan)

1984    Apr.    Beginning of the manufacture of TIGON spring balancers

1982    Jun.    Beginning of the manufacture of DELVO electric screw drivers according to technical collaboration with NEC (Japan)




1976    May.    Establishment of Mijin Tools / Beginning of the sale of industrial tools

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