TW Series (Heavy Capacity)

Without an internal spring, the zero gravity balancer can support a heavier weight capacity than a normal balancer. When the operator releases the tool, it remains at the same position and will not fully retract. Overall, this useful tool increases worker efficiency and safety while decreasing worker fatigue.


TOOL SUSPENSION: No power source necessary. Holds and stabilizes tools. Ergonomically beneficial/efficient by alleviating tool's weight and worker fatigue while completing repetitive tasks.


LIGHT WEIGHT: Zero gravity balancer makes tools feel virtually weightless and maximizes efficiency and accuracy while operating. Adjustable tension and cable length.


WORKPLACE SAFETY: Keeps the work environment safe and the workplace clear of tools, fixtures, etc.


MATERIALS: Aluminum casing and drum, steel cable



  • Main hanger rotates 360°
  • Additional tool clips are attached on the upper and lower sides
  • Prevents the attached tool from free falling when a spring breaks
  • Includes a gauge to sense tension control quantity 






            TW-90                 TW-105                TW-120                                                                                                             

         CAPACITY (lbs)                     CAPACITY (lbs)                       CAPACITY (lbs)                  154 ~ 198                             187 ~ 231                               220 ~ 264             

   STROKE (in)                            STROKE (in)                            STROKE (in)

 83                                           83                                          83


    WEIGHT (lbs)                          WEIGHT (lbs)                           WEIGHT (lbs)

            59                                           59                                          66          








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