The retractable tool balancer is among the most common and simplest balancers to operate.The operator can pull down the tool attached to retractable cable within the balancer encasement. An internal spring applies constant pressure on the cable. This allows the tool to instantly return to its resting position when the operator lets go. Overall, this useful tool increases worker efficiency and safety while decreasing worker fatigue. 


TOOL SUSPENSION: Designed to be used easily with mechanical arms. No power source necessary. Holds and stabilizes tools. Ergonomically beneficial/efficient by alleviating tool's weight and worker fatigue while completing repetitive tasks.


LIGHT WEIGHT: Makes tools feel virtually weightless and maximizes efficiency and accuracy while operating. Adjustable tension and cable length.


WORKPLACE SAFETY: Keeps the work environment safe and the workplace clear of tools, fixtures, etc.


MATERIALS: Abrasion resistant plastic housing, aluminum drum, steel hanger; RW series includes a Cable Stopper Assembly accessory to set set stroke length

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