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We offer quality zero gravity tool balancers for all your projects..


Typically used on an assembly line, the spring balancer suspends heavy tools through cable tension. This makes the tool feel essentially weightless and easier and lighter to operate by extending or retracting the support cable to follow its movement.


The conical cable drum stabilizes the cable and retraction force of the balancer. This enables the user to position and operate the tool in an easier manner and improves their ergonomics. Long term assembly line injuries from operating tools in a repetitive motion can easily be prevented through the tool balancer. 


What are the advantages?

  • It improves assembly line operator's efficiency and decreases fatigue.
  • It stabilizes the tool's position and ensures accurate work.
  • The balancer prevents further damage to tools.
  • Electric and pneumatic power is not required to operate balancers.


We manufacture the following:


  • TW Series (Models 00 - 70)
  • TW Series (Heavy/Models 90 -120)
  • Retractor Series (Model TW-1R - RW-5
  • Hose Reel Balancer (HW-0 - HW-05).



Ergonomically beneficial by

alleviating tool's weight and

operator's fatigue

Keeps the work environment

safe and the workplace clear.

Tools feel virtually weightless

and maximizes efficiency and

accuracy while operating.

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